Dove Release



Weddings, Special Occasions and Celebrations (Please note, our dove releases are subject to a 25 mile radius from the Ormskirk area)

Traditionally doves represent love, peace, fidelity, luck, prosperity and new beginnings, perfectly enhancing your celebration in a unique and joyful way. A dove release is a breathtaking and magical experience that can be photographically captured. Let your wedding/celebration be the one that everyone remembers and talks about for years to come.

Our release doves are from the rock dove family, are pure white homing pigeons which are larger and stronger than other doves. They look pure and elegant, they are much loved and cared for and receive hours of training which assures these intelligent birds of their safe flight home. Our doves maybe released by hand or straight from the birdcage or basket.

Our aim is to make your occasion as unique and memorable as possible and it would be a pleasure to be part of your special day.

The price of a twin release is from £125, but we offer a range of packages and can include an appropriate poem or reading if desired. Also included in this service, prior to the release, our doves will be on display for your guests to enjoy on their arrival at your venue.


Funeral and memorial services

A unique heartfelt way to honor your loved one at the graveside service.
Symbols of peace and bearers of love, white memorial doves give comfort to family and friends. A single white dove release represents the ascension of the soul to heaven symbolizing their flight to everlasting peace. This can begin the healing process for family and friends.

Any of our white dove release packages can create a beautiful healing moment in time, providing family and friends with a special way to express their final goodbyes.